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Whether you are looking for a quick copy edit, or have a major project that requires all the bells and whistles, from interviewing to publication, get in touch and we can discuss the next steps together! 
...but if you're here you probably already know that.
        For as long as I can remember, I have been a voracious reader. Even when I didn't have a book -- generally when I was supposed to be paying attention in class -- I would be deep in my imagination, creating my own stories and building fantasy worlds to escape to. 
        Since those carefree days I have developed my storytelling and writing skills extensively -- receiving my bachelor's degree in Journalism with honours from Toronto Metro University (formerly Ryerson University,) which is considered Canada's best journalism school and only accepts 150 applicants yearly, in 2015.
        I have been writing professionally ever since. Spending almost five years as a reporter at the Saskatoon StarPhoenix -- Saskatchewan's largest daily newspaper -- before moving into a communications role at Sask Polytech where I now write regular feature stories for the Alumni Magazine and other organizational publications.
        In my free time, I enjoy spending time woodworking, crafting, and watching documentaries with my partner Andrew and our pets.

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Services & Pricing

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Guarantee your content makes its best impression with a
You've spent too much time crafting the perfect piece of content to let a rogue piece of punctuation or awkward sentence misconstrue your message. Ensure its accuracy with help from a fresh set of eyes.
Colorful Book Spines
Bring your story to life with a
Everyone has a story to tell, but it can be hard to know where to start. Whether it's an autobiography, business profile, family history or sponsored content — I can help.
Piles of Books


*Pricing is project dependent.

No two stories are the same. So, to give you an accurate estimate of the cost, please send a brief description of your project through the contact form on this page and I will be in contact to schedule a brief complimentary meeting to discuss your expectations.


Set your online visual identity apart with an
The look and feel of your business' online presence can influence a potential customer's view of your brand. A consistent brand identity is just as essential as website accessibility and functionality — luckily I know the ins and outs of both.
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*Pricing varies based on required content. 

Content options are available for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. Please contact me to request a detailed list, which also includes pricing for available web services and social media management.


Reviewing for the Exam
Learn all the essentials for successful communication at any age with a
English, with all its rules and contradictions, is a tricky language. So, if you want a little more guidance than 'i before e but not after c,' let's schedule a one-on-one to find out if I am the tutor to help.


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2022 Rates:

Zoom session - $30/hour
In-person session - $45/hour*

*Available only in Saskatoon and the surrounding area. Mileage fees may also apply.

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