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Broadcast Video

A collection of the video journalism in which I wrote, filmed and/or edited.

Rated X: A documentary about asexuality

by: Erin Petrow, Samantha Crisp, Charlotte Arnold, Billy Diep and Jacqueline Brady


Created during my final year in university, Rated X is the final product of three months of very hard work by myself and four other amazing journalists.

Look inside one of the most misunderstood and under-represented sexualites in western society: Asexuality. We live in a world where sex sells everything from shoes to liquid-plumr, but what about the approximately one per cent of people who don't experience sexual attraction at all? Five self-identified asexuals in Toronto share their experiences as well as the unexpected struggles they face. Dr. Tony Bogaert, a psychologist at Brock University, also shares his thoughts and findings after pioneering research in asexuality over a decade ago.

CTV Saskatoon: Metis Nation closes Sask. doors

*clicking photo leads to CTV website*


CTV Saskatoon: Court renews hope for Metis Nation

*clicking photo leads to CTV website*


CTV Saskatoon: Robots invade Sask. Polytechnic

*clicking photo leads to CTV website*


CTV Saskatoon: Job portal for First Nation workers

*clicking photo leads to CTV website*


CTV Saskatoon: Saskatoon woman alleges dog stolen

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A Look Inside: Ryerson School of Fashion

Erin Petrow, Vanessa Francone and Anna Chorazyczewski produce this inside look into how Ryerson fashion students are preparing their final projects.

Toronto Today: YMCA gets a green makeover

Erin Petrow, Hannah Logan and Arianna Ongaro report from YMCA's Central Toronto location to see how a $1 Million dollar donation will help fund new green initiatives at YMCAs throughout the city.

Toronto Today: 2014 Municipal Election

Darsha Jethava, Erin Petrow and Badri Murali talk to Ryerson students after Toronto's 2014 municipal elections to see what their hopes are for the new mayor and his administration.

Ryerson Talks: Gould Street

Erin Petrow, with producers Adetayo Bero and Emily Silva, talk to Ryerson students about the expensive beautification project on Gould Street.

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