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Chocolate Orange

Originally posted: September 24, 2014

Firstly I would like to say that this is near the top of my personal favourites list: Chocolate Orange, a rich chocolate offering with an amazing Terry's Chocolate Orange scent straight out of the can. If you have sweet tooth or chocoholic tendencies like me, there is a very good chance that you will love this tea.

    A blend of pu'erh tea, chocolate, orange peels and orange slices with a mixture of both natural and artificial flavours give this tea a very strong and 

sweet flavour. It is suggested to steep the loose leaves for 4-6 minutes, which is a good time frame, too short and the chocolate chips will not completely dissolve.

       As it steeped the scent was significantly dulled but the resulting taste is still amazingly rich, and would be a great tea for the winter months when you need something cozy and sweet. The only downfall is that the chocolate factor really depends on how many small

chocolate chips make their way into your steeper. A wonderful choice overall.


***Update: April 14, 2015***

Honestly this tea is still one of my decadent favourites. One thing that I have begun to do when drinking this tea is giving it a good stir if I sits still too long. This makes the unmelted bits of chocolate  scatter throughout the tea, really uping the chocolate taste.

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