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Coco-lemon Thai

Originally posted: November 25, 2014

Today’s Tea Tuesday is going to be a shorter than usual review because I’ve only got one new offering I’ve tried this week. Thanks to my best friend Beth, last night in my mailbox I aquired  the DAVIDs Tea ”Around the World: An Exotic Journey” set.

     The first tea in the set was Coco-lemon Thai, a very obviously asian inspired tea with top notes of coconut and lemongrass, but the ingredient that really makes it bold and exotic is the ginger. It’s a low caffeine white tea with a suggested steeping time of 4-5 minutes.

        When I took the first sip, I was on the fence about it. Sure, it’s got the refreshing lemon factor which I love, but I was worried about how all the ingredients together might turn it into an underwhelming flavour mish-mash. Although my

worries seemed to be for naught because the more sips I took, the better the flavour became.

     This is definitely not a tea I would buy again -- right away that is, because DAVIDs has so many options that I might like more. But this is a really nice tea… especially when you’re sick. That lemon flavour is soothing on the throat and somehow always reminds me of NeoCitran. The flavours seem to hit the tastebuds separately. First, the overwhelming taste of what I would consider basicly liquified lemongrass with a hint of ginger spice, followed closely by the creamy coconut.

       If you enjoy asian inspired teas, this is a great option. It’s creamy, zingy and refreshing without being too over the top with super fancy ingredients. Just one 

quick tip, if I may: Don’t try to eat a peice of the coconut from the loose tea like I did (I did it for science I swear.) It doesn’t taste to great by itself but it does seem to add a great flavour when steeped… Weird isn’t it.

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