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Cocomint Cream

Originally posted: December 8, 2014

This was the Christmas tea I was most excited to try. The name, the ingredients, there is just something about it that screams Christmas to me. After opening the package and smelling the dried tea I could easily tell why I had been waiting for this one. Christmas at my house always meant that there was a massive variety of baked goods kicking around and the scent of this tea sent me into the deja-vu of my life.

      Cocomint Cream smells just like these coconut Christmas cookies I used to power down after Christmas church services, I don't know what these cookies were called, as they were likely made by an adorable church lady, but holy hell were they good and this tea doesn't disappoint either.  

    Apple, coconut, sweet blackberry leaves, peppermint, and natural coconut flavouring all 

come together in this tea to create an unusual Christmas classic. Coconut isn't usually a flavour most people in Canada would think corresponds with the Christmas season, but there is something about this tea that really makes it work on all levels.

        Without sugar it is a creamy mint with a VERY subtle undertone of coconut. Usually I don't drink any tea without sugar but this is one thing that makes it very special, it completely transforms when a sweetener is added. Without, it is an amazing option for a light tea to relax and unwind with. Although once you add sugar, it becomes something very different: the creaminess is accentuated, the coconut pops and the mint adds the real Christmas flavour, the perfect sweet addition to decorating or to 

spending time with loved ones.

        If you want to celebrate a tropical Christmas, or are looking for something different from the traditional Christmas chais and heavily spiced teas, Cocomint Cream is for you. If you were looking to pick this up but feel like you can wait a little bit longer, brave going out on Boxing Day as DAVIDs usually has their Christmas stock on sale and you might be able to grab it at an amazing price. 

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