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Cream of

earl grey

Originally posted: Sept. 30, 2014

First up we have DAVIDs Cream of Earl Grey. I love this option because it really does have a creamy taste to it. When you first open the package you will be overwhelmed by the amazingly rich scent, I could honestly just sit here for hours smelling it, its like crack but in loose leaf tea form. DAVIDs really kicks it up a notch by adding marigold and cornflowers, and the creamy taste comes from the natural flavouring of vanilla. They suggest steeping it for 4-7 minutes, you could steep it longer if you wish because it doesn’t become bitter if oversteeped, but I find that it steeps really quickly and even if you like your tea extra strong you shouldn't have to wait for more than 5 minutes or so (for a cup, a pot will probably take slightly longer.) It is creamy and light with a very different flavour profile (a lot more vanilla than citrus, but this isnt a bad thing) to a traditional earl grey.This is a wonderful tea for before bed (that is, if small amounts of caffeine don’t bother you) the creaminess and the intense punch of flavour make this tea an awesome way to wind down in the evening.

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