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Currant Affair

Originally posted: February 3, 2015

Today's post brings some sad news, at least for me. DAVIDs has decided to discontinue my favourite tea, Currant Affair.

        Currant Affair was one of the first teas I ever tried from DAVIDs and it is probably one of their best stand alone options. It tastes amazing with or without sugar, it is versatile enough to be made into either hot or iced tea and it is next to impossible to oversteep.

        As with most teas, the longer you steep it the more intense the flavour becomes. But attempting to get the most flavour out of your tea is like walking a fine line since most teas have the tendency to go bitter if oversteeped. This is not the case with Currant Affair. Instead, the flavour

gets richer and stronger the longer it steeps. Just yesterday I made my thermos of tea for school and accidently left the leaves steeping for an hour-and-a-half. It turned out to be literally the best cup of tea I have ever tasted.

        It's ingredients include: Rooibos tea, blackberry leaves, black currant and artificial flavouring. These flavours manage to maintain a sweetness without additional sugar, leaving a rather pleasant earthy but sweet aftertaste. With sugar though, this tea could almost pass for a fruit juice.

       Excuse me for a second as I shed a silent tear for its removal from the shelves.

      But in all honestly this tea is

amazing and I'm really annoyed that it has been discontinued.

         Currant Affair is exactly what it advertises itself to be: A tea that tastes like black currant but also has a touch of creaminess to it.

           If you like fruit-based teas this is a good choice (quick, run to DAVIDs now before they are out of stock.) Unfortunately you can no longer purchase this beauty online but stores might still be carrying some stock until it runs out. So decide if you need this gem in your life and then meet me at DAVIDs to battle for the last few grams. Another smart move would be signing up for the DAVIDs email newsletter because if they do decide to bring it back it will be the first place with the good news.

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