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Originally posted: Dec. 23, 2014

Eggnog, I won't lie, I hate eggnog with every fibre of my being. It's just so gross. Whoever created it should be visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future to be shown how they ruined Christmas with this terrible drink.

          Of course there are people who like eggnog, for whatever reason  and luckily my boyfriend Andrew is one. So in addition to my review, I asked him to have a taste and tell me his thoughts.

     Created by blending green rooibos, white chocolate chips and meringue powder with natural and artificial flavouring, I had hoped it might be more white chocolate than eggnog. Yet, it's main flavour is nutmeg, an ingredient that must be an added flavour as it is not mentioned in the list. Also: it contains egg, milk and soy, so be wary if you have a sensitivity.

          I'm going to begin with Andrew's comments, since mine are slightly biased. According to him, the 

leaves smell nothing like any store-bought eggnog he has tried. The nutmeg aspect is right flavour-wise, but ultimately the tea tastes nothing like eggnog.

         I wouldn't know how closely it relates to eggnog, but I do have a few opinions about it's overall appeal. First, as the chocolate chips melt into the hot water the tea becomes murky; an unpleasantness in the fact that the melted chocolate residue makes everything harder to wash.

      The flavour with sugar is not unpleasant, but without is a whole different story. It also leans quite heavily on the nutmeg flavour which I enjoyed it to a point but I couldn't handle this tea on a daily basis. 

Surprisingly, it doesn't leave an unpleasant aftertaste like many other teas tend to. It also has a very enjoyable heavy creaminess, but overall I feel it is just too overpowered by nutmeg for me to enjoy it regularly so I won't be buying more.

          So I'm happy to say it is not 

quite as terrible as I expected and if you like nutmeg and chocolate, chances are this is a nice choice for you. I enjoy it slightly more each time I take a sip but I think if the nutmeg was dialled back just a hint this would be a favourite. Until then, I'll steer clear — there are just too many other options from around the world to settle on something that I consider to be closer to mediocre than magical.

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