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Forever Nuts

Originally posted: September 24, 2014

Next, we have Forever Nuts. A herbal tea boasting a mixture of apples, almonds, beetroot, cinnamon and artificial flavouring. It's starting to seem that DAVIDs depends rather heavily on added flavouring, I wish there were more natural teas or perhaps at least ones with only natural added flavour. I'll be keeping an eye out for more of those, until then I go by the creed: "If it tastes good I will consume it."

         This is a tea that benefits from a longer steeping time, they suggest 4-7 minutes, but don't be afraid to let it steep longer. The loose tea has some dehydrated fruit in it and added steeping time really 

sucks all the flavours and juices straight out.

      Although it's called Forever Nuts, the real hero of this tea is the apple. Starting out with a strong apple crisp scent when dry and slowly evolving into a more cider aroma as it steeps. It is a lovely smelling tea, and the flavours complement it perfectly.

      Upon first sip I immediately noticed a light yet creamy nut undertone, although the name does suggest that nuts are involved, the flavour may be hard to miss, it's a type of tea that is best enjoyed slowly so you can really taste each aspect. The creamy nut flavour is then quickly dominated by an 

amazing unsweetened apple that is refreshingly tart and finished with a tiny hint of cinnamon. 

     If you like pastries, look no further, this tea is basically just an apple danish in liquid form. Packing a distinct summer quality to it with its fresh fruit flavours, it would make a nice option to brew up once the sun goes down and you're longing to get back to the beach.

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