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Japanese Sencha

Originally posted: October 7, 2014

Hectic and stressful, two words that would beset describe today at school. So once I finally arrived home I thought to myself, “I need some tea to just calm down,” so I hit the kettle's on switch and brewed up some green tea.

  Organic Japanese Sencha popped into my mind as soon as I began perusing my ridiculously large cupboard of tea. It was a brand new package gifted to me by my mom, and I was pretty excited to try it. I used to be obsessed with green tea although now I very rarely brew it at home, there used to be a time when it was all I would drink,

especially while eating out.

     This offering is amazing for green tea lovers. The very first thing you will notice is the incredible earthy smell. When I closed my eyes and just enjoyed it I felt like I had been transported to a cozy little tea farm. This tea also has a very enjoyably strong and distinctive flavour, it's definitely not a weak green tea that you can barely taste. It also boasts caffeine, labelled medium strength, which I know some people will appreciate.

        I feel like this tea tastes quite fresh as well, which I think stems from the fact that the dried leaves 

are given space to expand when they hit water in loose form. They suggest steeping for 2-3 min. at 80 degrees C. Green tea is supposed to be brewed at a cooler temperature than regular black tea, but I never actually get out a thermometer, instead I just leave the kettle to cool for like 5-7 minutes and then steep, it’s not exact but it does get the job done.  Another thing I loved was the colour, turning the water an almost neon green-yellow. If you like distinctive flavours and want something light and calming, this is great. It would make an amazing detox tea as well.

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