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Lime Gelato

Originally published: December 21, 2015

Today I received the last non-holiday tea in the calendar, Lime Gelato. This was one of the teas that had me pretty excited, I love citrus and I love gelato so how could I go wrong with a citrus gelato flavoured tea?

       One thing I found strange is the featured ingredients are listed on the DAVIDs website as pineapple and lemongrass. You would think with a name like Lime Gelato that lime would be a heavily featured ingredient but unfortunately the only hint of lime in this tea comes from the artificial creamy lime yogurt flavouring. Apple and Sencha green tea are also featured.

      This is why I feel really let down by this tea. The artificial lime flavouring

gets a bit lost when paired with the acidic pineapple and the also suffocating lemongrass flavours. The slight undertone of lime that you can taste is pleasant and creamy, but I can't help but wonder if adding a hint of lime zest would have made it more true to its namesake.

        Reminiscent of Coco-lemon Thai and Mother's Little Helper (both of which I have previously reviewed,) Lime Gelato is slightly sweeter and tastes more creamy.  Because lemongrass is such a dominant, overpowering flavour, it's hard to tell these three supposedly different teas apart — unless you are sampling them at the same time.

        I do recommend drinking Lime

Gelato with sugar if you are hoping to taste its namesake flavour. When I sampled it without, it tasted of overpowering bitter lemon, not something that I am a fan of or consider a pleasant experience.

      I don't think I will ever purchase this tea again. I was a bit of a letdown after not being able to taste the zesty lime flavour I was expecting. Although, I do have a bit leftover so perhaps I will try adding lime zest to it myself in hopes I can create a Frankenstein tea that is more what I was hoping for.

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