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Mint Chocolate


Originally published: December 3, 2014

DAVID's Mint Chocolate Rooibos is another offering from the limited edition "Exotic Flavours" set and I was excited to see how well this version would stack up next to the Steeped tea in the same flavour -- that I've already reviewed.

         When drinking this without sugar the mint is unquestionably the tea's dominant flavour. Of course there is also an underlying sweetness but the chocolate flavour is pretty hard to taste without the addition of sugar. 

So just excuse me as I continue my sugar favouritism and say this tea is SO much better once you add some sugar (or agave syrup, stevia or whatever other sweetener happens to float your boat.)

      With sugar this tea is so similar to the Steeped option it almost doesn't make sense to have both simultaneously. The chocolate does seem to slightly overpower the mint when sugar is added, but because I am a sugar addict it doesn't bother me all that much. Whereas the 

steeped option seemed to be slightly more balanced in this aspect.

      So, if you're looking for a real After Eight tasting option the Steeped tea might be a better choice, but they are so close in flavour I doubt many people would even notice a difference at all.

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