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Mother's Little


Originally posted: December 11, 2014

It has been snowing like crazy in Toronto since the wee hours of the morning, so all the extra gloom in the air made it extra hard for me to get up this morning. Since I am scheduled to work in a few hours I was hoping for a highly caffeinated pick. Although my bad luck has continued as I had a valerian based tea waiting for me.

       Valerian is a plant that has a calming effect on the human body and I actually take this as a supplement quite often when I'm feeling anxious. It is pretty effective at chilling me out, today though because I have to go to work, I decided to only make one cup. Being too chilled out while working is not a very good way for me to get anything done.

     Mother's Little Helper is designed to be a relaxation tea (hence the valerian root) and it would also make a nice option if you're sick.

     Made with organic ingredients like: peppermint, lemongrass, hibiscus, rosehips, chamomile, valerian root and cornflowers, this tea really gives me a feel good vibe, reminding me of when I lived at home and mom would make me chamomile when I was sick.

    It's a really nice mixture of flavours, the standouts being peppermint and chamomile. Everything else very nicely, and subtly, blend together giving the tea a very full and rich flavour. Luckily you can't taste the valerian, which is the worst taste in the world, but I would suggest to drink it with a bit of

sweetener as it really helps accentuates the flavours, making everything a bit smoother to drink. 

       This is a nice tea overall, and the peppermint gives it a wonderful Christmas-y vibe. I'm considering buying more so when I have to take valerian there is a better tasting option. If you need some chill time this would be a great blend. Because it also contains chamomile it may become my new go-to tea when I am feeling unwell.

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