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Originally posted: Dec 17, 2014


It's hard to talk for too long about such a classic and simple tea, such as the one I received from my DAVID's advent calendar today, so this blog will be a look at what goes on behind the scenes when producing tea.

Peppermint Amour is exactly what you would think: a simple peppermint tea. Although, before you start thinking, "I already have a favourite peppermint tea," I want to tell you a few things that really impressed me about this version:

   1.) It's organic: In Canada, according to the government's "Organic Product Regulations," anything labelled 'organic' must have an organic content greater than 95% in order to be considered and marketed this way. Organic cultivated teas were first produced in Sri Lanka in 1986 and since then the practice has spread worldwide and encompassing a variety of different types of tea. Growing an organic tea crop means no pesticides

can be used, fertilizer must be natural not chemically synthesized and no genetic manipulation of the plant is allowed under any circumstance. In my opinion, the less chemicals you put into your body the better. With so much genetically modified food around it's nice to know you can have some control in your tea.

      2.) It's kosher: This doesn't mean to much to me, but for my Jewish friends and readers it's nice that DAVID's has over 90 kosher options, certified by Montreal Kosher. I don't know exactly how a tea can be certified kosher (if I have any Jewish readers that know, leave me a comment and help a sister out.) My best guess comes from reading which talks about a passage from Leviticus (19:23) which states: Fruits from trees planted within the past three years may not be eaten. So if that is something that you need, DAVIDs has plenty kosher options 

to throw at you.

      3.) It's sourced from the United States. in Oregon to be precise. I like knowing where  my food comes from and with so much tea sourced from China (when their produce has been known to cause adverse effects ie. pine nuts) it is really refreshing to see that the tea is sourced a lot closer to home than I expected.

   4.) There are no artificial flavours. Enough said.

   The peppermint tea itself is very cooling, refreshing and amazing with or without sugar. As I said before, there isn't too much to say about peppermint tea, but this is a great option simply because of what has gone on behind the scenes to manufacture it.

       Peppermint tea is a classic during wintertime, with its crisp taste and soothing aroma, it's hard to go wrong when you're drinking  a mug of this on a chilly winter night.

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