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Originally posted: Dec 13, 2014

Read My Lips

Read My Lips has always been the tea that I mentally associated with DAVIDs because of the red lip sprinkles and chocolate pieces, but today is the first time I have ever actually tried it. Once I found out it was another chocolate mint tea I was wondering if we were in for a second round to yesterday's rant.

       Luckily, Read My Lips has enough differences from the other chocolate mint option that we can avoid the rant and get straight into why this option is better than the last.

      Of course the biggest difference between the two is that Read My Lips is a black tea. Meaning it has caffeine, which was sorely missed in the other options. I think the biggest flavour

difference comes from it not having any cacao mixed in the loose tea like we saw in the Chocolate Mint. This makes Read My Lips a lot sweeter and gives the chocolate a smoother, more creamy taste.

     The fancy lip shaped sprinkles didn't dissolve in my tea which I found surprising as I have never had this problem with other teas that have contained sprinkles. This is slightly unnecessary nitpicking since the flavour given off by a few sprinkles is probably not going to affect the overall taste of the tea all that much.

       I honestly can't get over just how much I love this tea. Its flavours are rich, bold and smooth and it doesn't 

leave the unpleasant aftertaste in your mouth that is common in most chocolate based teas. Undoubtedly in my mind this is the best chocolate mint option I have tried thus far. I also have a feeling that this tea would be amazing in latte form so I will be trying that out as soon as a buy more.

    Just a quick side note: When finishing a mug of this tea the bottom might look like it's covered in tea leaves, but this is actually semi-melted chocolate so give it a swirl and prepare for chocolate heaven.

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