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Originally posted: December 24,  2014

Santa's Secret

Christmas Eve is the perfect day to try DAVIDs most popular holiday tea, Santa's Secret. A blend of black tea, peppermint and sprinkles with natural and artificial flavours.

       This is a black tea, so if you're very sensitive to caffeine it is probably a bad choice to sip on while you're waiting for Santa to arrive, but it is a really nice choice for the morning — especially if you have a keener in your house eager to get up and open presents at the crack of dawn. 

      Again, this is a tea that really shines once some sugar is added. Without, you can taste the

peppermint, but it really pops with a bit of sugar is thrown into the mix. Since it is quite a simple tea there is not much I can say about it. So if you like black tea and peppermint this will probably be a winner in your mind.

        The candy cane sprinkles are a nice touch as well, I don't think they really add much flavour-wise but they do add a certain cuteness to the tea and helped me get into the holiday spirit. Although I tend to wonder if this would actually be a limited edition tea without the sprinkles since the blend itself is fairly simple and I could probably create it at home 

by mixing some simple black tea with the previous TeaMas option Peppermint Amour.

       Overall, this is a very nice tea. It's bold and flavourful without being too overpowering, although it does leave a slightly heavy aftertaste at the back of the tongue. If you want to try this tea, don't forget to pick it up on Boxing Day because it will soon disappear, not to be seen again until the Christmas 2016 season begins.

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