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Originally posted: Dec 18, 2014


Silk Dragon

Another green tea has graced my advent calendar so I opened up the Silk Dragon Jasmine, brewed up a pot and got down to some writing.

       This tea is a fairly straightforward green tea, it's organic, kosher and sourced from the Jianxi Province of China. Scented with jasmine flowers this tea has a very pleasant aroma, slightly different from the regular green tea smell as the jasmine also adds a sweet and fragrant undertone to the earthy and slightly bitter green tea.

      I highly recommend drinking this tea with some sugar to properly experience the jasmine flavour.

Without sugar this flavour is heavily masked by a bitterness in the tea that overshadows the subtle flavour of the jasmine flower. It also has no artificial flavours which is quite impressive as it is a nice change from the majority of the teas in the DAVIDs line that market themselves as natural but are filled with fake flavours.

        I really wasn't enjoying the initial sips of Silk Dragon Jasmine, but as I continue to drink it I've started to enjoy it more and more. There is something really special about the flavour of this green tea, sweet but also earthy, and would make a good 

option for someone with a big sweet tooth they are trying to keep under control.

         I'm very curious to see how this tea would hold up iced. With the sweet undertones I think it is safe to assume that it would make a refreshing iced tea during the summer... perhaps once it heats up again you will see this tea featured in a Tea Tuesday.

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