Sleigh Ride

Originally posted: December 22, 2014

Today DAVIDs is taking us on a Sleigh Ride! Well actually that's just the name of the tea, the rest is all imagination. When I opened the tin before I started steeping, I was overwhelmed with the smell of Christmas, a smell that brought back memories of overdosing on Christmas baking and drinking way to much hot apple cider.

     Sleigh Ride is created from a mixture of apple, hibiscus blossoms, pineapple, papaya, beetroot, cinnamon, raisins, coconut, roasted almonds, popped rice and artificial flavouring. When I first tried it I expected an almost tropical Christmas blend like I experienced with the Cocomint Cream.

       Boy was I ever wrong, this tea is a traditional Christmas flavour through and through. Apple and cinnamon are the most dominant throughout, creating another blend that tastes quite similar to a homemade hot apple cider. No wonder my scent memory took me back to the days I would spend guzzling cider and eating cookies.

     This is one of the most well balanced teas that I have tried so far. It's sweet thanks to the fruit and hibiscus, yet it also boasts an underlying tartness and a subtle spiciness that would appeal to any tea fan. It is hard to balance all of these different taste sensations without having one overpowering the others,

so I am happy that DAVIDs really got it right. I will be purchasing more on Boxing Day since a good apple tea is perfect for any time of year.

       As usual I am drinking it with sugar. I did sample it without but as I regularly find with teas that have many ingredients are suited to sugar because it brings out the subtle flavours making it easier to taste the tea as a whole.

      I cannot suggest Sleigh Ride more. It works on every level and can be much more than a Christmas tea. I plan to try it iced in the summer and I would love to try it as a tea latté, which I usually avoid fruity herbal teas when making.

If you like fruity tea with spice, get it during the Boxing Day sales, you won't regret it.

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