Vanilla Chai

Originally posted: December 2, 2014

An open window in my apartment made getting out of bed rather irritating, but as a very happy surprise this tea was worth my early morning struggle undoubtedly.

    Organic Vanilla Chai is an awesome tea for winter. I had high expectations for this because I wanted to use it in a 'tea latte at home' tutorial. I am very happy to report that it exceeded my expectations by a large margin which really says a lot about the tea since I have never been a huge fan of most chai tea. Usually

I find most of them a bit too spicy, but this year has really been the turning point as I seem to be enjoying them more and more as of late.

         The cinnamon, liquorice root and ginger add a wonderful but not overbearing spicy element to the tea and perfectly balanced the vanilla, making it creamy and comforting. I added a bit of milk and a teaspoon of sugar, really upping the intensity of the vanilla. But it tastes good without sugar as well if extra sweetness is something you might be trying to 


        I think the first thing I am going to do on Boxing Day is pick up this tea at DAVIDs and immediately try it out as a latte. It is a great winter flavour, perfect for hanging out at home all day and relaxing. It is also limited edition, so if you can't find it keep your eyes peeled because a flavour this amazing will undoubtedly make its reappearance soon. 

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