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Originally posted: January 20, 2015

Avaata Supreme

Nilgiri Green Tea

I also tried out some Avaata Surpreme Nilgiri, a green tea sourced from the Himalayan foothills in the district of Darjeeling. I had heard of this area before because it is considered one of the best places to grow tea in the world.

     And this tea is definitely living up to the reputation of its 

source. It's light with a clean, fresh taste and may perhaps be one of the best tasting green teas I have ever tried.

     It is not often that I review two teas in a row that I prefer without sugar, but adding any sweetener to this would simply be a disservice. 

       If you are a green tea lover

I would suggest trying this one out (the company also offers sample packs that you can buy to try a variety of different teas.)       This tea tastes so fresh it's almost hard to believe, it also manages to skip the terrible bitter aftertaste that is the staple of most green tea, which in my books is never a bad thing.

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