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Halmari Gold

Assam Black Tea

Originally posted: January 29, 2015

Another offering from Golden Tips Tea that I received in my generous bundle was the Halmari Gold black tea. Sourced from Assam, India it's a strong black tea with a very sweet twist.

      This tea is hard to give an overall rating because it's taste completely transforms if milk is added.

     Without milk the tea is very sweet (although I did add some sugar as I always do) but it was almost sickly 

sweet tasting with notes of caramel and... strangely enough, candy corn. This preparation was not to my liking at all, way too sweet and I found it almost hard to finish, actually I haven't finished it yet and I don't know if I'm bold enough to even attempt it.

   With milk is a whole different story. The sweetness transforms into a slight hint of vanilla, with a similar taste to Red Rose, although it was

slightly sweeter and more crisp.

     It has a the same distinctly sweet aftertaste with both preparations but I wouldn't suggest it without milk, especially if you add sugar as it might give you type 2 diabetes.  With milk it's a real winner, sweet, crisp and fresh tasting with a subtle undertone of vanilla.

   A very nice option for those with a sweet-tooth as it doesn't need any extra sugar.

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