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Multimedia Journalism

A collection of my my written work that also contains audio/video/web content

GETTING AN 'A' IN SEXUALITY February 10, 2015 Sex is the most uninteresting activity in the world. For me, sex is an annoyance. A mix of awkward moaning, gross bodily fluids and a lot of time I could be spending doing something more productive. In short, I’d just rather not. (Photo courtesy: Shannon Baldwin)

HOCKEY LEADS POPULARITY FOR RYERSON'S OLYMPIC VIEWERS February 2014 A poll conducted at Ryerson University in Toronto, asked students which Olympic sport they were most likely to watch during the Games in Sochi this winter. Unsurprisingly hockey beat out figure skating, curling, snowboarding and skiing, and luge and bobsled with 44.3 per cent of the overall votes.

FEMINISM IN ADVERTISING: NO LONGER JUST A BOY'S CLUB April 2014 Kristin Macri works in advertising; an industry popularized by the 1950’s drama Mad Men. In this show we see women presented as secretaries and mothers, and those who want to work in male dominated fields are ridiculed, unappreciated and harshly criticized by their male counterparts.

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