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Chocolate Mint

Originally posted: October 28, 2014

I always know it’s the start of another Christmas season when I spot the first box of After Eight chocolates on my parents’ coffee table. So to me nothing screams HAPPY CHRISTMAS quite like the mix of chocolate and mint. This is where Steeped’s Chocolate Mint comes in, (P.S. I think they may have replaced it with the flavour After Eight.) It is a caffeine free option mixing peppermint, calendula petals, cacao pieces and natural flavours.

       I love this tea and Andrew loves this tea, so much that we have almost finished it. I wouldn’t even be surprised if the rest of the world loves it as well. It brings back fond memories of the Thin Mint cookies I snacked on while in Girl Guides and of course it also tastes exactly like an After Eight: creamy chocolate with a kick of mint.

      I would rate this near perfectly, although it does have a few downfalls in my eyes: unknown sourcing location and slight

bitterness in the aftertaste, but it is a Canadian company so I can be happy about that.

       I do plan to repurchase this tea since it seems to have disappeared before my eyes and as of yet, I don’t feel like I have drank my fill.

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