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How To: Make Thanksgiving dinner easily

As promised here are the recipes for the dressing and gravy. If you need clarification on any other aspect of the video, head to my contact page and shoot me a message.

Dressing: (This recipe is enough for a large turkey, so in my video we halfed it)

     6 cups of bread crumbs

     3/4 tsp of salt

     1/2 tsp of sage

     1/8 tsp of thyme

     1 tsp of poultry seasoning

     2 tbsp of parsley

     a dash of pepper

Gravy: (Add these to the poultry drippings.)

     -Stir in the giblet water (only the water)

     -Add 1 cup of boiling water

     -2 tbsp of flour added into a JAR with COLD water

               -Shake thouroughly

               -Spoon meat juices into the jar and stir to warm the flour and water slowly

               -Slowly pour jar contents into pan and stir continously for 2 minutes

     -Add salt to taste


NOTE: 1 hour before chicken/turkey is finished cooking remove butter paper. AND half-an-hour before it is finished cooking remove tinfoil and rub with butter or oil.

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